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We are true Storm Damage Professionals.

  1. We subscribe to the same weather forensics technology that insurance companies rely on to pinpoint areas affected by storm damage. This means if we tell you that you have storm damage, we have not only the physical proof, but the data to back up your claim.
  2. Our storm damage pros are certified Haag Engineering Roof Inspectors. This means that we have gone through the same rigorous training and certification process as the national catastrophe adjusters that are called in from around the nation following a major storm. This means that our inspectors are more knowledgeable than most local insurance adjusters when it comes to assessing storm damage.
  3. We use the same estimating software program as all major insurance companies. This means that once we have thoroughly assessed your home’s damage with your insurance adjuster, we know how to get the most out of their estimate based on the agreed scope of damage. There are often many small things that are left out of insurance adjustments because it is too time consuming to include every small item. We make sure everything is included because these small items can add up to big dollar amounts.