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How do I know if there has been Hail or Storm Damage in my area ?

Weather reports are a good indicator. If you have noticed several neighbors having their roofs or siding replaced; Call our office and ask. We research and maintain National Weather records, and we use the same Weather Forensics Technology as the nation’s largest insurance companies. If you have received a letter, flyer, or brochure from us; our research indicates that your home most likely has hail damage.

What if I don’t have any apparent damage ?

If there has been hail in your area a close inspection of your roof, siding, windows, and exterior will need to be done by an experienced insurance claims specialist. All Equity Restoration insurance claim specialists have undergone extensive training and follow the same strict guidelines insurance adjusters themselves adhere to. Generally, you cannot see hail damage on your roof from the ground.

What will be my out-of-pocket expense ?

Our full exterior inspections are FREE. If we do not find sufficient damage to warrant an insurance claim filing we will let you know. If we find sufficient damage and your insurance company agrees to our findings, the only cost to you is your deductible. We have programs to reduce or eliminate your out of pocket costs.

How can I verify actual damage to my house ?

That requires an on-site inspection by one of our trained inspectors. We offer a free inspection to any homeowner who has had recent storms in their area.

My neighbor got a new roof. Why was I turned down ?

There may be a couple reasons for this:  A. Your roof is newer, or of a higher quality than your neighbor’s. or B. You didn’t choose a contractor that specializes in insurance recovery. Hail storms are not selective storms, and if neighboring properties suffered damage, chances are you did too. We are extremely successful in our negotiations with insurance companies. If we feel you have suffered damages we will give it all we have to ensure you are treated fairly by your insurance company.

If I have no roof leaks, am I safe ?

Hail damage shortens the useful life of a roof causing premature leaks rather than immediate leaks. Therefore, only an on-site inspection will verify damage and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is in sound condition.

Can I wait until a leak occurs to file a claim ?

It is not recommended that you wait for a leak to occur. Hail damage can go unnoticed for a long period of time and insurance companies allow a short period of time to file a claim. If you wait until your roof is leaking it will likely be too late to file a claim. Additionally, you risk further damage to the interior of your home.

Will my insurance rates go up ?

Insurance laws prohibit your insurance company from raising your individual premium (or refusing to renew your policy) because you filed what is known as an “Act of Nature” or “Non fault” claim.

Why hasn’t my insurance company contacted me about the damage ?

Insurance companies require the Homeowner to file all claims. This is the main reason that 85% of all hail-damaged homes have never filed a claim.

Should I have a contractor meet with my insurance adjuster ?

Absolutely. The insurance companies have adjusters that are paid to protect their company’s interests. You should have an experienced professional protecting yours. One of our insurance recovery specialists will meet directly with your insurance adjuster to ensure that no damages are being overlooked. After a large storm, insurance companies get so many claims that they don’t have the time to complete thorough inspections.

Shouldn’t I get several bids to repair my home’s damage ?

While you would typically want to collect several bids for home remodeling projects, insurance restorations are different. The only estimate that really matters is the one done by your insurance adjuster. All insurance companies use estimating software call Xactimate. The key to maximizing your settlement is to work with a contractor that uses the same estimating software as your adjuster, and is an expert in assessing storm damage in order to ensure nothing is missed in the adjuster’s estimate. In addition, the insurance company will only pay you what you spend on the repairs. For example: If you receive a total settlement of $10,000 and receive an initial payment of $6000, they will not release the additional $4000 until you show that the work is completed and you have a contract for $10,000. This is how they safeguard from people profiting from or  “pocketing” insurance payments. So the “lowest bid” really only helps your insurance company.

After Insurance approval, can I change colors or upgrade materials?

Yes. Insurance will replace equal quality of materials currently on your home and, in some cases, they may upgrade the material if they cannot match your current materials. Color selections will be provided. Many upgrades are included at no additional cost. Others are available at a discounted cost.

Do I have to obtain a city permit for repairs ?

Equity Restoration will obtain all necessary permits. We will also assure compliance with all local codes, both in construction requirements and administrative requirements including licenses, insurance, bonding, and inspection notification.

How long does it take to get the repairs done once I’ve filed a claim ?

Once the insurance settlement is reached, and colors and materials are selected; repairs are done within a matter of a few days; Weather permitting.

What kind of shingles do you use ?

We use Lifetime asphalt Architectural shingles from Owens Corning. We use OC because of their high quality products, and their unmatched warranty protection. We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. If you have a specific manufacturer in mind, we will gladly use your choice of products when available.

Do you replace the wood underneath the shingles ?

Most homes do not need to have their roof’s plywood replaced. Some roofs will need a few pieces of wood replaced, generally around chimneys and vents. Upon inspection, if needed, we will advise and replace any needed sheets of plywood.

Do you tear off the old shingles, or shingle over them ?

We always tear off the old materials in order to inspect for rotten or warped wood. This requires much more work, but it is the only way to properly do the job. Leaving on old shingles prevents proper ventilation, and the excess weight causes the roof to sag.

What are architectural shingles and do you use them ?

Architectural shingles are a style of shingle that provide superior appearance, and protection for your roof. They give a 3 “dimensional” look to your roof, and are preferred among new home builders. We use and recommend Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Series architectural shingles for their visual appeal.

What is your warranty ?

We offer a 2 year warranty with an option for 5, 10, or 15 years on our workmanship, in addition to the manufacturers’ warranty on their products. Because we are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, we are able to offer an extended lifetime warranty on our Owens Corning products at a discounted rate.

How long will it take to install my roof ?

On average we install most roofs in 1 or 2 days . However we believe the quality of installation is more important to our customers than how long it might take. Our crews know their first responsibility is to do the job right.

When is the best time to install my new roof ?

Due to improvements in shingle composition installations are done year round with no difference in quality, look or longevity weather your roof is installed in January or July.

What about ventilation?

All roofs require proper ventilation per your shingle manufacturer warranty. Your project manager and crew foreman will determine your roof ventilation needs.

Do you use staples or nails to install your roofs ?

From day one a quality installation has been our goal. We only use proper length barbed roof nails on all our roof projects.

What is an ice dam ?

Ice damming occurs on areas of a roof where ice tends to build up typically in gutters, low slope areas behind chimneys etc… and can lead to interior damage to roof decking, insulation and ceilings. The problem can be minimized by proper ventilation and use of Ice Guard material.

Do you install Ice Guard ?

Ice Guard material is standard on all installations.

What if it rains during installation of my roof ?

Because most roofs are done in one day and we are always concerned with weather we rarely find ourselves in this situation but it can happen.This is where your felt paper plays its most important part. Your roof deck is first covered with asphalt saturated water proof paper this material acts as a temporary roof while your shingle material is being installed minimizing the chance of a leak during installation of your new roof.

What about my yard and cleanup ?

We realize the importance to you of your landscape. Our crews are constantly reminded of the importance of protecting the customer property. We protect all landscaping with tarps wherever possible and run magnets over the lawn to remove any unseen nails.

How does vinyl siding compare with other siding materials ?

In a way, it’s almost no contest. When compared to wood, brick, stone, stucco, and metal sidings on the basis of initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, vinyl siding is clearly superior. In addition, vinyl sidings are backed by a strong warranty. And because vinyl is the preferred siding for more and more homeowners, it retains most of its installed cost.

How does the cost of vinyl siding compare to the added resale value it provides ?

In terms of adding resale value to your home, vinyl siding is one of the best investments you can make. In its annual survey of project cost versus added value, Remodeling magazine said that “the highest payback comes from projects that give an older home the same features that have become standard in new homes.” Another point to keep in mind: if, like many homeowners, you add insulation to an older home at the same time you’re having vinyl siding installed, you add even greater value and market appeal to your home.

Is a particular season better to have my new siding installed ?

Not really. You can have your vinyl siding installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. But keep in mind that some contractors are more available during the off-seasons. Regardless of when you have your new siding installed, you’ll enjoy the immediate benefits of improved appearance, as well as the long-term benefits of durability and easy maintenance.

What kind of siding do you use ?

We use CertainTeed vinyl siding for its strong warranty, and its great appearance and performance. Their siding is offered in a variety of colors and styles. CertainTeed has earned a reputation as a premier building materials manufacturer for more than 100 years.